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Elevations are what I draw and elevation is what I feel when doing so.

Perched precariously in front of so many wonderful edifices, not all grand, I'm the luckiest artist alive. My sketchbook is my passport to hidden corners of the world. 


Have a wander round the globe with me,

you'll recognise many of the locations.

There are duomos and mosques,

ancient Pontiacs and white vans, and windows.

Lots of windows.

I always start with the windows.

I'm biased of course but these paintings would look good on your wall, and all of them are available as prints. High quality giclees printed with archive inks on high grade watercolour paper.

Check the shop, choose your image.


The accidental collision of architectural styles, you never know where you'll find it but you know when you do.

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Travelling light.

Just a fold up stool, a box of tiny nibs, and my pad.

Blatantly no room for a razor.